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  • Concerning Garbage and Recycling
    There are designated procedures for separating and disposing of household garbage and recyclable resources. Click here for details
  • Concerning Pets and Animals
    There are various rules for keeping pets such as cleaning up after the pet’s night soil. Click here for details

  • Concerning Cars and Bicycles
    Parking your car or bicycle in places that are not designated is prohibited. Please note that illegally-parked cars and bicycles are removed particularly from areas around train stations.
  • Concerning the Prohibition of Smoking While Walking and Littering of Cigarette Butts
    Do not smoke while walking nor litter the streets with cigarette butts and empty cans. Violation is not only bad manners, but punishable by fines in areas designated by the city ordinance.


Shinagawa City publishes SHINAGAWA INFO, a bulletin for foreign residents with information for everyday living, summarizing everyday concerns, mainly necessary city administration programs, so that each and everyone can grow accustomed to living in Shinagawa City as quickly as possible. Some of the contents of the bulletin are included in this website, but the bulletin also contains information that is not described here.
The contents are as follows:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Emergency Information  
If you need a doctor during a holiday or at night  
Crime and Disaster Prevention  
Chapter 2 City Administration Information  
Foreign Resident Registration  
Notification of Family Register and Seal Registration  
National Health Insurance  
Nursing Care Insurance  
Long Life Medical Care System (Latter-Term Elderly Medical System)
National Pension Plan  
Childbirth and Child-Raising  
Volunteer Work  
International Exchange  
Chapter 3 Public Facilities  
Libraries and Cultural Facilities  
Sports Facilities  
Parks and Recreational Facilities  
Shinagawa Map  
Chapter 4 Information on Daily Living  
Garbage and Recycling  
Pets and Other Animals  
Cars and Bicycles  
When You Move  
Electricity, Gas and Water Supply  
Communications and Finance  
Consultation Services for When You Are Facing Problems  
List of Useful Telephone Numbers  

“Shinagawa Info.” Is handed out at the service counter at the time of foreign resident registration. They are also handed out free of charge at the Public Relations Section at the City Office 5F or at each Community Center.

Shinagawa City Office: 2-1-36 Hiromachi, Shinagawa-ku, Tel: 3777-1111 (Main Switchboard)

Community Centers (Chiiki Centers)
Shinagawa Dai-ichi Community Center 3-11-16 Kita-Shinagawa
Shinagawa Dai-ni Community Center 5-3-20 Minami-Shinagawa
Osaki Dai-ichi Community Center 3-6-3 Nishi-Gotanda
Osaki Dai-ni Community Center 2-7-13 Osaki
Oi Dai-ichi Community Center 1-12-6 Minami-Oi
Oi Dai-ni Community Center 2-27-20 Oi
Oi Dai-san Community Center 4-1-8 Nishi-Oi
Ebara Dai-ichi Community Center 3-22-3 Koyama
Ebara Dai-ni Community Center 6-17-12 Ebara
Ebara Dai-san Community Center 1-13-18 Hiratsuka
Ebara Dai-yon Community Center 5-3-12 Nakanobu
Ebara Dai-go Community Center 1-3-37 Futaba
Yashio Community Center 5-10-27 Yashio

Please make your inquiries in Japanese.

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If you need a doctor during a holiday or at night
Emergency Telephone Calls
Foreign Resident Registration
Health Insurance
City Office Sunday Hours
Childbirth and Child-Raising
Garbage and Recycling
Pets and Other Animals
Advisory Services for Foreigners
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