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Permanent Exhibition

  Shinagawa Historical Museum’s permanent exhibition focuses on two themes. One is “Omori Shell Mounds and Dr. Morse” and the other is “Shinagawa-juku on the Tokaido Road,” about the first post station on the Tokaido Road.
  The exhibitions present an easy-to-understand history of Shinagawa from ancient times to the present age.

Omori Shell Mounds and Dr. Morse and the other is Tokaido Road and Shinagawa-shuku

Multi-lingual Commentary

Multi-lingual commentary(English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Korean) is available.

How to use
1.Scan the QR code in the exhibition room.
2.Choose your language.

Location of the QR code is here(PDF 311KB)

Multi-lingual commentary No.1
Multi-lingual commentary No.2
Multi-lingual commentary No.3